Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Swag List -- Stop your Drooling!

We pretty much have an exclusive bike shop sponsor this year -- MOUNTAINSIDE SKI AND SPORTS! Its not that we were dissing anyone else, it just worked out to get most of the swag from Mountainside. Mountainside is located in Mechanicsburg and they double as THE place to go for downhill ski equipment too. They helped us out with an incredible list of swag:

Park Bike Stand
Kinetic Trainer (better than Cyclops)
Chain Cleaner kits
3 different kinds of sets of pedals including egg beaters and Shimano 540
3 bike computers
4 or 5 camelbaks
tubes (including 29 inch!)
Dirt Rag Pint glasses (12)
Custom Griz mugs (8)
Water bottles

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