Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trail Work Follow-up

Thanks to those of you that said you'd help out with trail work and even more thanks to those of you who are already out there doing it as you ride. The Rattling 50 Marathon (not an event of RCST) is coming up on August 22 and the event promoter, Mike Kuhn, is planning to organize a trail work session to prepare for the marathon, so I'll let him know of your interest. We've asked the question before and will ask again: Is there anyone willing to take on regularly scheduling trail work and the be the RCST trail guru? Due to other activities and time constraints, Keith, Rick and I are no longer able to commit to this function of RCST like we have in the past (thus, you see what the trails are starting to look like). So please, if you wanna organize and lead trail maintenance sessions, let us know! rebjsw@epix.net Thanks so much.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Question on Trail Maintenance

If a trail maintenance session or two was organized, would you come? There's been mention there are some tight brush spots and someone is offering to organize a maintenance session, but he'll need help. How many will help?? (leave a comment, please). Thanks so much.

Monday, June 14, 2010

BASH 2010 Prep Well Underway

Keith is doing is Bashly duty and lining up bands and refreshments, while Rick lines up other goodies -- dumpster, porta-potties, supplies, swag, etc. Jill confirmed Camp Muckleratz and Gonder's Grub house and registrations are rolling in. We're hoping for a repeat of other years, hopefully minus the rain this year. As it gets closer, we might contact some of your that offered to help out to firm up your duties Bash weekend. Thanks for the offer!