Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sept 23 update

The trail gnomes were out this morning. Emory, Joe and myself got all the trees cleared off of Fawn Kill. We made a log ramp out of the triple downed tree section, rode it later and it was nice and smooth!! Also did some trimming since we we walked the entire trail, no more face slappers on Fawn Kill for now.

After trail work got out and did a loop of all the singletrack, trails are riding great and good to go. Any trees down are easily rideable. Enjoy, and remember hunting season is quickly approaching. Lot's of hunters in the woods and on the dirt roads, so keep your eyes open.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trail Update Sept 9

Got out on the trails Sunday, a beautiful day, and a good many riders out (and hunters out prepping). Trails are mostly in good shape and riding well. The storms over the last couple of weeks have brought down a few trees that will need a chainsaw, one on Doc Smith closer to the East Lot end, and I think four on Fawn Kill. There were other smaller 6" or so ones down too, but all easily rideable. All the sun and humidity has a few area's growing in and needing a little trimming, A few of the rocky technical area's on Fawn Kill have seen some erosion and at some point would be well served with a little bit of rock armoring and love.

Unfortunately other obligations have me unable to get up there again for a few weeks, but maybe a future trail work day can get on the calendar and happen. If anyone gets out and cuts any of the trees, etc, please post in the comments so we know what is done and what still needs work. It is also getting closer to hunting season, so please be smart out there, here is a link to the upcoming hunting dates:

Thanks for the comments on the last post, looks like some people miss the bash!! There looks to be some changes coming, and maybe even some form of a Bash could return (but please don't hold your breath).