Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trail Update Sept 9

Got out on the trails Sunday, a beautiful day, and a good many riders out (and hunters out prepping). Trails are mostly in good shape and riding well. The storms over the last couple of weeks have brought down a few trees that will need a chainsaw, one on Doc Smith closer to the East Lot end, and I think four on Fawn Kill. There were other smaller 6" or so ones down too, but all easily rideable. All the sun and humidity has a few area's growing in and needing a little trimming, A few of the rocky technical area's on Fawn Kill have seen some erosion and at some point would be well served with a little bit of rock armoring and love.

Unfortunately other obligations have me unable to get up there again for a few weeks, but maybe a future trail work day can get on the calendar and happen. If anyone gets out and cuts any of the trees, etc, please post in the comments so we know what is done and what still needs work. It is also getting closer to hunting season, so please be smart out there, here is a link to the upcoming hunting dates:


Thanks for the comments on the last post, looks like some people miss the bash!! There looks to be some changes coming, and maybe even some form of a Bash could return (but please don't hold your breath).


BigE said...

hi rick and jill,

I got the log off doc smith sunday. Also cut brushes on dry run so you can get by without ducking under tree.

I got up today and clear alot of small stuff on trails. ! log on rattlecreek at dry run (can jump). I cleared tree off top of hill from bridges.

Fawn kill has 5 areas for trees. 3 are from preserveline trail to dry creek area. I was heading towards luke road tonight and 4th tree is jumpable. The 5th tree area has 3 trees 9+ feet high. May need rope to help clear those big ones (over 30" for width).

Alot for riders clear spiders sunday didn't see any today (rode 3.5 hours and the whole outside loop). Met a black cat (yellow eyes) on fawn kill. He look like he's been in the wild because he jumped a tree like a squirrel.

Joe ketrick wanted to clear the trees on fawn kill, but I told him hunting season starts saturday. May have to wait a few weeks.
Post a date when you want to clear trees on fawn kill Joe and I will help you.


Gregg Soster said...

OK, so not clear if the trail is open to riding this weekend? Driving in from Columbus Ohio.

BigE said...

Hi Greg,

Trails are open. only Fawn kill has some bad trees you either go right/left to get around or hand your bike over the top (waist high). This pass sunday must had over 50 riders on trails.

We're suppose to get a crew together for sunday 22nd to cut trees of fawn kill. Four of the trees are 2 miles out and we don't expect alot of time cutting them, just the long walk getting there.

We don't have a buggy (like SAMBA who won one from IMBA back in 2006) to stap to our bikes. Expecting to do the trees sunday morning so it dries out better for afternoon ride.

Did you reserve a site from DCNR (they got 6 camp sites in the area)? We're suppose to get some showers saturday night or evening. I found our map on weiser forest dcnr pdf map on their website. you have to download the large one to find it.


Scot said...

Hi, looking to make a road trip in Oct to rattling creek. There is mention to keep hunting season in mind, would that be big game season primarily or all seasons, squirrel, rabbit, etc?
Any suggestion on weekends NOT to plan a trip down do to this?

Thanks a lot


OMW said...


Lot's of hunting going on in Oct, archery for deer starts Sept 29 and small game starts Oct 13. No hunting on Sundays in PA, so that's really the best and safest day to go.