Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More BASH 10th Anniversary Pics

More BASH pictures are up from the famous Uncle Don (Don Pagano). Very nice shots Don!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

More 2009 BASH Pics

Courtesy Dean, the Bikeman. Thanks Dean! Nice shots.

2009 BASH Pics by Dean the Bikeman

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2009 BASH Recap

What a weekend! We’re finally getting a chance to regroup and have a little time to recap the 10th Annual RCST Mountain Bike Bash. First, thanks to all of YOU for making it happen. It rained all day Friday – no it poured all day Friday – but that didn’t stop folks from contenting themselves with other extra-curricular activities rather than riding. The rain didn’t stop the Chili Cook off, the beer wagon tapping, nor the Jay DeJesus skills clinic. 12 folks prepared a pot of Chili for everyone to vote on and in the end; Don Olson won another “Chile” trophy. Runners up were Karen Egolf and Scott Christina. Saturday started with dry skies and wet trails, but nearly everyone headed out anyway for a day on the trails. The skies broke lose again in the afternoon while many were on their way back to camp so most folks were “looking awesome dude” coated with mud. Saturday evening festivities started with the famed Gonder’s Grubhouse chicken dinner at 5:30, followed by the very entertaining and soothing acoustic duo, Accouco. We want them back next year!!! The prize drawing went off at about 8:00 and the table was non-too short on quality prizes. Camelbacks, a trainer, a bike stand, bike computers, bike chains, sunglasses, Forze bars, Dirt Rag glasses and the prized possession of the 10th annual bash – specially created 10” anniversary GRIZ mugs. Sunday’s Rock’s ridge contest was questionable with the weather; so we shortened it so folks could ride – and ride the trails they did ‘cause only 4 folks showed up to battle for the crowns. In the end, Brad Doxtater unseated the reigning King, Darrin Kreis for the King trophy. Yours truly, Jill Wiest, was “the only girl with balls” to attempt it and took home the queen honors. This was the last year for the Rock’s Ridge King and Queen – we’ll replace it with something equally fun next year. The rain took a toll on Camp Muckleratz this year and the field endured a lot of wet conditions leaving a very rutty entrance down the middle of the field. The land owner was happy we did the best we could and raked the muddy sections, and he told Rick, “what I should have is a roller.” Rick was more than happy to share his roller with the Camp caretaker. We haven't confirmed the dates yet with Ken the Camp caretaker, but we're looking at September 16, 17, 18, and 19. We'll confirm when we confirm Muckleratz availability.

2009 BASH Pics are Rolling In

Here's the first group of BASH pics -- thank you Jon Pratt!

Monday, September 14, 2009

10th Annual RCST BASH Recap (a short one)

We're too exhausted to do a thorough recap at this point. Suffice it to say, it was yet another memorable event -- in more ways than one. It rained for 48 hours. The Acoustic guys, Accouco, were very well liked. All the kegs were kicked. The trails held up (sort of). The Rock's Ridge competition dwindled immensely this year -- 3 guys and a girl with balls -- could it be the wet rocks scared them away? Gonder's chicken was again awesome. 12 folks cooked up chili and Don Olson won (again!). We had a Friday night band for the first time. And that 48 hours of rain took a toll on the field and 6 tired souls raked, shoveled, and tamped the ruts back into place so the property owner wouldn't have a fit (we don't think he will). Thanks to everyone who made the BASH yet another success. But a special thank you to Shawn Withers, Trainwreck and Esther, Scott Corbin, Rick Begley, Rick, and Keith for toughing it out to the bitter end and helping with the final clean up of ashes, fire rings (they had to be dismantled), and tossed firewood (it went back to the wood pile), and filling in those muddy ruts. Tom Gibson and Mike Bega get an honorable mention too for helping moving those monstrous picnic tables back to their starting point. And a thanks to all of you who helped toss trash in the dumpster on the way out. Feel free to post your comments - we'd love to here them.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

We're Off to the BASH!

The Rattling Creek Single Trackers BASH organizers are heading off to Camp Muckleratz today so don't try to contact us anymore -- we ain't home! The gates open at 4:00 pm. Everything is ready for good time. The weather? Don't worry about it -- even a hurricane (Ivan!! in 2004?) didn't "dampen" our spirits. We rode, partied, and had a good time even with a downpour. It's all fun and that's what the BASH is all about. See you at Camp!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Four Days and Counting -- And Princess Is Coming!

We thought for sure Princess had the weekends mixed up and was thinking the BASH was the weekend of the 17-20; but today we got an e-mail... "Hey, I'll be there." Princess is one of the few folks that have been at every single BASH - all 10 of them. What would the BASH be without our dear princess? Making messes in the kitchen, lounging in the hammock, hanging clothes from the fan to dry (yes, while it was going), trying to eat a pizza that was water soaked from melted ice. What a princess! We're pretty much done preparing and have started to load the vans (Rick is anal like that -- he "packs" the vans to make the best use of space). "It's like a reunion man." We're ready.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Groups" of Horses on Singletrack -- Again.

A "Wise" soul from Michaux commented if you don't nip in the bud, they'll be back, and he was right... the horses were out in force again today on the Weiser single track. Rick saw 7 of them in one group, and another 2 were riding in another group, and on our way out of the woods, we saw about 6 more. The snowmobile parking lot had about a dozen trailers. And the trails? They continue to show signs of degradation. Matter, Shale Run, and Preserve Line are the worse. It's been dry all week, yet these trails are wet, muddy at spots, and very soft. This is a direct result of the horse event earlier this year. These trails will continue to degrade unless DCNR opts to keep the horses off the single track. Surprisingly, they asked Keith when we could sit down with them along with the horses folks and work this out. So it appears there's a meeting in the future between DCNR, us, and the equine group to hammer out what IS ok and what isn't. I'm looking forward to that because its very sad to see all of our hard work get chewed up so badly.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Swag List -- Stop your Drooling!

We pretty much have an exclusive bike shop sponsor this year -- MOUNTAINSIDE SKI AND SPORTS! Its not that we were dissing anyone else, it just worked out to get most of the swag from Mountainside. Mountainside is located in Mechanicsburg and they double as THE place to go for downhill ski equipment too. They helped us out with an incredible list of swag:

Park Bike Stand
Kinetic Trainer (better than Cyclops)
Chain Cleaner kits
3 different kinds of sets of pedals including egg beaters and Shimano 540
3 bike computers
4 or 5 camelbaks
tubes (including 29 inch!)
Dirt Rag Pint glasses (12)
Custom Griz mugs (8)
Water bottles

Massage Anyone??? How 'Bout at the BASH?

We're delighted to have a Holistic Health Practitioner at the BASH this year and she'll be offering massages to those interested. Melissa Doxtater of Good Karma Better Health specializes in things like energy therapies, massage, nutritional counseling and health and well being and she'll be set up at the BASH with not only the massages, but also some organic health products too. Visit her website -- its interesting stuff.

Friday, September 4, 2009

No One Will Be Turned Away

Even though the chicken and t-shirts have been ordered (with a handful of extras) and reserved for the pre-registrants, we want you to know we won't turn anyone away from enjoying the festivities of the BASH. You may not get food or a t-shirt, but you sure can still come ride and enjoy the camaraderie the BASH is known for. How could we deny anyone from having a good time!? At least that's the attitude of the organizers... its all fun and good and we want YOU to enjoy the party. "It's like a reunion man...." Please be sure to still e-mail us if you plan to show up even though the chicken/t-shirts are gone -- there will still be a charge for the weekend for camping/raffle drawing/etc. rebjsw@epix.net

Ride on!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Info for the BASH Virgins

Boy are you first-timers in for a treat! I'm sure by now you've heard about all the hoopla from your friends on how great of a time the BASH is. They weren't kidding. It's laid back and easy-going - not a lot of rules. So here's some basic info if its your first time.
Gates open at 4:00 on Thursday.
  • Drive all the way to the end of the driveway to a cinder block building -- that's registration and check-in. You'll pass two pavilions -- that's where the chili cook off and the Sat evening dinner is will be, along with the prize drawings and maybe the band.
  • There's no announcements or loud speakers saying what's going on -- so watch your clock for the times on the schedule of events and happenings.
  • They'll be a schedule at check-in, along with other goodies like:
  • Group rides. We try to post who is doing what kind of ride on Saturday, and that will be hanging in the bunkhouse to give you an idea of what kind of ride you might want to do.
  • We'll provide a black and white map so you can find your way on your own on Thurs eve and Friday. Only Saturday is organized rides unless we can find folks willing to lead a group or two on Friday.
  • A full kitchen is in the bunkhouse. Feel free to use it! You can cook if you want, the water is good to drink and fill up for rides, and the bunkhouse is where bagels and coffee are located for breakfast. There's a microwave and a nice gas stove and oven.
  • Porta-potties - there will be 5 this year, thanks to the generous donation of an un-named regular who thinks we never have enough.
  • Showers -- are primitive. Ricky Brown builds 3 "porta-showers" with curtains and we have a club member who supplies a water heater. So its actually not bad. But remember there's going to be about 200 people wanting to shower. So think that through. There's also a nice, private washroom in the bunkhouse with 3 bowls to wash, brush your teeth, change. Feel free to use that. One of my friends said they never "shower" at the BASH -- showering is over-rated. (???)
  • Camping - first come first served. No reserved spots. But don't fret - its BIG and there are lots of spaces. It's help yourself. If you don't want to tent camp, you're welcome to the bunkhouse which has about 40 bunk beds. There's usually about a dozen or so used during the BASH. Remember though -- its a CAMP. It has that wonderful campy smell to it :)
  • Saturday evening hoopla -- the Beer Wagon (yup, there's a WAGON with 4 or so taps on the side of it) is fired up about 4:00 ish (I think) and it's included in your registration fee so help yourself! Dinner arrives about 5:30ish and most folks bring a chair and sit under the pavilion and relax a little. About 7:00ish, Keith, Jill, and Rick do the raffle drawing. If you registered for the whole weekend, you're name is in the drawing. Other years we had prizes for everyone, but it took WAY too long so we cut the prizes back to about 40 or 50 NICE things. So many of you will walk away with a nice prize.
  • The Trails. Ahhhh... the best part. The trail system is about 27 miles total if you ride from camp. Riding from camp means a 2 mile, 800 foot elevation climb. But you get to come back DOWN that at the end of the ride, so its all good. We'll have black and white maps for you. Many folks drive to the top of the mountain to skip the climb and just go for the meat of the trails -- the oh-so-sweet singletrack. Some will ride Rock's Ridge over and over again to get ready for....
  • Rock's Ridge Contest on Sunday. It starts at 10:00 this year. You just show up at the Schreffler Trail end and get your number plate (a paper plate). The judges mark a start-point and end-point in the rockiest sections of the trail and YOU get to TRY to dead start and make it through the rocks. That's right -- no running start -- its a dead start and it ain't easy! But it sure is fun. Please tell the GIRLS to enter. We didn't have any last year and other years were sparse. Last year we had to give the queen trophy to the last place guy! He was such a trooper and had SUCH a good attitude. GIRLS -- ENTER THIS!! Its really fun.
  • Closing time. You gotta be out by 3:00 on Sunday! and we mean OUT by 3:00. Last year we had to rush some guys 'cause the camp owner was there to lock things up and he wasn't happy waiting around. So please respect the property owner and be out by 3:00.
  • Campfires. You are welcome to build them - but bring your own firewood. The camp is out of firewood this year. We're trying to locate some for the big bonfire in the middle, but that hasn't happened yet. When you are done for the weekend, the ashes need taken to the big bonfire in the middle and your ring must be covered over.

You'll get all this info at check-in too. Welcome!!!

RCST Chili Cook-off - Sept 11, 2009 6:00 pm

Yup… we’re doing it again this year. Friday evening, September 11, 2009 at 6:00 begins the “contest” to see who is the creator of the best chili in Camp. It’s a simple thing… just brew up a pot of Chili, bring it to the pavilion between 5:30 and 6:00, and at 6:00 the troops start tasting them all and casting votes on which one they think is the best. There are no rules on what goes in the Chili. We keep it simple. Yes, meat competes against meatless – no holds barred. (BTW, a meatless chili was tied for 2nd last year.) And the judging is pretty simple too. Cast your vote by writing the number of your favorite chili on the piece of paper and throw it in the voting can between 6:00 and 7:00 pm. At about 7:15 or 7:30 (while you all enjoy swapping micro-brews), the top 3 winners will be announced with the winner taking home a specially made trophy (courtesy Reinhart Ironworks!) for the BASH Chili cook off. It’s all good fun. Chili creators are welcome to use the kitchen in the bunkhouse to cook up your chili. There’s a nice gas stove, ovens, and a microwave. There’s usually space in the frig to store your prepared Chili prior to the cook-off too. And here’s a tiny word of advice – make sure its heated up and ready for taste tasting at 6:00!!! I’ve seen some beautiful looking pots of chili go uneaten and not voted on because they were cold. Don’t let your creation fall into this “blah, it’s cold!” category! It coulda been a winner if only it was warm. So cook up some chili – there’s about 150 people waiting to taste it.

p.s. BTW, only make a normal “batch” – don’t make enough for 150 people! Folks will only take a taste of each pot so that pot should go a long way except when they love it and come back for more. Last year all of the pots were empty (if I remember correctly). There were 16 (?) pots. The year before there was 13. So bring along a pot of chili. Past winners “secret’ ingredients include beer and smoky chipotle peppers.