Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend Ride Report

RCST hosted the 8th annual Memorial Weekend Ride on Sunday to about 20 riders. Despite the picture perfect weather, the group was much smaller than past years -- I'm blaming the gas prices. Three groups went out: Rick Begley starting at 9:00 with Rick Michael, Mike Funk, Sam, Bernie, Keelie, and Scott Corbin. Rick Michael broke his frame, and Keith gave him a lift out of the woods. Since the 10:00 crew was small, we broke it into two groups. Emory led Ricky Brown, Tony Labato, and the Reedinger boys onto Shale Run and smoother singletrack to start; while Andy Miller and Dave Daversa led Andrea Strubhar, Brian Arnold, Joe Daversa, Mark from Carlisle and me to the rocky trails. We had 1 flat, and were back to the picnic area by 12:30 and 1:00 (some split off a little earlier, while some finished up on Fawn Kill trail). Keith, Candy, and Mary hiked while the rest of us rode. We shot the breeze and ate burgers and dogs when it was all over, enjoying the fantastic weather.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Memorial Weekend (Sunday) Ride Update - there's a 9:00 group going out

For you earlybirds, Rick Begley and company (Paul Konhaus and Bernie, Sam, Mike and Andy) will be leaving the Minnich Spring Picnic area at 9:00ish for a whole loop ride. The pace will be mediumish to probably a little fast for the front guys. So just in case you want to catch the early crowd, there will be a group going out. Keith is planning to ride at the Memorial Day ride! I believe this may be his first time back on the bike since his surgery, so go easy on him who ever is in his group! We're getting a good response -- here are the folks that I know for sure are coming so far - this list be long by Sunday with the prediction of nice weather.

Ricky Brown
Keith Whitcomb
Emory Ehrenfeld and Mary (Mary will likely hike)
Rick Begley (9:00)
Paul Konhaus (9:00)
Bernie (9:00)
Sam (9:00)
Mike (9:00)
Andy (9:00)
Andy Miller
Shawn Withers
Joe Daversa
Dave Daversa
Mike Ostrowski and Company from Wilkes Barre/Scranton
Dan Killingsworth (If Granogue doesn't wipe him out)
Matt Morrison (If Granogue doesn't wipe him out)
Don Don Andrews found fun elsewhere now and ain't coming
Legendary Tony Labato

Oh, and my group will simply be having fun on the rocks. I ain't riding at no breakneck speed or anything -- just fun schtuff for a change. I even ditched the heart rate monitor so no more heart rate Harriet. I may switch up the route and do Wolf Pond first, THEN Rock's Ridge, Matter, and the preferred DOWN Rattling Creek, which means the trip back will be UP FAWN Kill or road. total miles will be about 16 or 17 miles at a comfortable pace.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Rides and Ride Leaders for the Memorial Weekend Ride

Our leaders are set -- thank you Emory, Andy, Ricky, Don (if he gets a ride) and me. Here's the plan:

Emory - about 20 miles, 3 to 3.5 hours. He'll do the majority of the loop likely at a comfortable pace. All types of trails (rocks and easy).

Andy - Our local expert rider will likely do the entire loop (23+ miles) at an expert pace.

Ricky - the Casual group ride guru. 10-15 miles on the easier trails.

Jill/Don (if he gets a ride) - I'll substitute for Keith and do the rock hoppin loop - maybe 15ish miles starting with Rock's Ridge, then Wolf Pond, then Shale Run/Preserve Line/Fawn Kill. Will head back up Rattling Creek/Dry Run to finish up.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Memorial Weekend Ride - Sunday May 25

Its our 7th freaking year doing this thang! It started out as "neighboring clubs ride" and we attempting to gather together all our neighbor clubs like VMB (I don't they were called that then), NMBA (yup, they WERE called that then), LHORBA (they are old too), SAMBA (newly organized) and I can't remember who else. In return, RCST attempted to get to some of their rides. Well, more like Emory and Rick Begley mostly got to other rides. Me, Rick, and Keith (mostly Keith) never left Lykens. That's not true. We get out and about sometimes. The Memorial Weekend ride has become a tradition of bikin' buddies gathering together to have some fun in the woods on our bikes and then eat burgers and dogs on the grill afterwards -- courtesy RCST. We cater to all skill levels. Ricky usually does a "casual" group -- a slower pace, and not so far. Maybe he'll go 12-15 miles. And he usually bases where he goes on who is in the group. If there are folks that would rather not do rocks, they'll go on easier trails. Actually, its RICK who would rather not do rocks so they almost always go on easier trails. Keith likes to do an intermediate ride on rocks. But that ain't gonna happen this year with his healing wrists. So we are on a search for an intermediate rock hopper ride leader. Maybe I'll end up with that one. I used to do a long slow group ride, but this year I plan to lead a group where-ever there's a need for a ride leader. After I canvas some potential group leaders, I'll take what's leftover, or sweep for one of them. We usually get between 40 and 50 people, so we'll figure on that many for burgers and dogs. We typically do groups of 10-12, sometimes 15. Last year, Sean Wither's group was the biggest. He started with about 15 -- but I think there was 3 of them that actually made the entire loop. We usually have black and white maps to give to folks that need to bail and find their way back. The ride STARTS at 10:00 AM! That's not get there at 10:00 am, that's leaving at 10:00 am. It starts at the Minnich Hit Picnic Area.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Singlespeed for Sale

Black. Singley Speed. brand spanky new. rode to church only twice. really. i'm not lying. it was seriously ridden, like, one time. contact Brett Weiser at

Size Large, 19"

FramePlatinum Series ZR9000 SS internally and externally butted aluminum w/ eccentric bottom bracket Genesis 29" Geometry
WheelsBontrager Race 29 Disc SS wheelsystem Bontrager Jones ACX K 29x2.25/2.2
ComponentryBontrager Race Lite SS 32t crank Avid BB 7 mechanical disc brakes w/6" rotor w/Avid FR-5 levers Shimano M505 ATB clipless pedals
SuspensionRockShox Reba SL Dual Air 29 / External rebound, internal floodgate, external compression and lock-out Butted aluminum steerer 80mm travel

Monday, May 12, 2008

Trail Update - Comment on riding OVER rocks

We're slowly getting some logs off trails...but with Keith still recovering from carpal tunnel, and Rick having tennis elbow issues, its a slowwww process. We'll eventually get to them all. But until then, thanks to those that have been stopping and moving what they can off the trail. The trails are in great shape with the exception of two things: 1) I noticed they are washing at spots - not from use, but from mother nature. There's not a whole lot we can do about that except maybe rethink some reroutes which I don't think is going to happen any time soon. And 2) there are some significantly noticeable new lines forming with folks going around rocks! Kids -- mountain biking is about riding mountain trails, and that means OVER the rocks and logs, not around them. Rick said I shouldn't comment about it, that if folks prefer not to ride rocks, then they don't have to and he's right. But I can't help but still make the comment that some of the the trails are purposely built for you to go OVER the rocks, not around. So for those that are avoiding rocks, try going over next time. In some spots, its actually much easier to go over the top of them. Next up -- the Memorial Day ride.