Monday, May 19, 2008

Rides and Ride Leaders for the Memorial Weekend Ride

Our leaders are set -- thank you Emory, Andy, Ricky, Don (if he gets a ride) and me. Here's the plan:

Emory - about 20 miles, 3 to 3.5 hours. He'll do the majority of the loop likely at a comfortable pace. All types of trails (rocks and easy).

Andy - Our local expert rider will likely do the entire loop (23+ miles) at an expert pace.

Ricky - the Casual group ride guru. 10-15 miles on the easier trails.

Jill/Don (if he gets a ride) - I'll substitute for Keith and do the rock hoppin loop - maybe 15ish miles starting with Rock's Ridge, then Wolf Pond, then Shale Run/Preserve Line/Fawn Kill. Will head back up Rattling Creek/Dry Run to finish up.

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rsdmag said...

Jill- if Im not completely blown fromthe Granogue enduro, Matt Morrison and I will be there!