Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend Ride Report

RCST hosted the 8th annual Memorial Weekend Ride on Sunday to about 20 riders. Despite the picture perfect weather, the group was much smaller than past years -- I'm blaming the gas prices. Three groups went out: Rick Begley starting at 9:00 with Rick Michael, Mike Funk, Sam, Bernie, Keelie, and Scott Corbin. Rick Michael broke his frame, and Keith gave him a lift out of the woods. Since the 10:00 crew was small, we broke it into two groups. Emory led Ricky Brown, Tony Labato, and the Reedinger boys onto Shale Run and smoother singletrack to start; while Andy Miller and Dave Daversa led Andrea Strubhar, Brian Arnold, Joe Daversa, Mark from Carlisle and me to the rocky trails. We had 1 flat, and were back to the picnic area by 12:30 and 1:00 (some split off a little earlier, while some finished up on Fawn Kill trail). Keith, Candy, and Mary hiked while the rest of us rode. We shot the breeze and ate burgers and dogs when it was all over, enjoying the fantastic weather.

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rsdmag said...

Sorry I couldnt make it Jill- I was just too worked from 4+ hours at race pace. Looks like it was a good time, though!