Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Outdoor Experience Organization -- Riding Part of the Trans-Sylvania Epic

Most of you have probably heard of the Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic by now -- the 7-day staged mountain bike race based out of Seven Mountains Boy Scout Camp near State College. The organizers are giving you a chance to ride one of the stages. Go here for info. Did you know that by riding that one day, the proceeds will help towards maintaining the Rattling Creek Trails? The Outdoor Experience Organization's mission is:
to build and create, improve upon, and document forest trails in the state of Pennsylvania for the use of foot traffic, bicycles, cross-country skiers, equestrians and other user groups in order to increase interest in sustainable, healthy, and enjoyable outdoor oriented activities; build outdoor recreation tourism in Pennsylvania; and contribute to improved community health and wellness by increasing availability of fitness-related outdoor recreational activities and enhancing outdoor recreational opportunities.
This includes Rattling Creek and if you go to the Organization's website, you'll see there's something in the works for the trails. Soo.... if you have nothing to do on Memorial Day, why not sign up for a ride on the hardest stage of the now infamous Trans-Sylvania Epic and at the same time, support the trails of Rattling Creek? Sign up here.