Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Memorial Weekend (Sunday) Ride Update - there's a 9:00 group going out

For you earlybirds, Rick Begley and company (Paul Konhaus and Bernie, Sam, Mike and Andy) will be leaving the Minnich Spring Picnic area at 9:00ish for a whole loop ride. The pace will be mediumish to probably a little fast for the front guys. So just in case you want to catch the early crowd, there will be a group going out. Keith is planning to ride at the Memorial Day ride! I believe this may be his first time back on the bike since his surgery, so go easy on him who ever is in his group! We're getting a good response -- here are the folks that I know for sure are coming so far - this list be long by Sunday with the prediction of nice weather.

Ricky Brown
Keith Whitcomb
Emory Ehrenfeld and Mary (Mary will likely hike)
Rick Begley (9:00)
Paul Konhaus (9:00)
Bernie (9:00)
Sam (9:00)
Mike (9:00)
Andy (9:00)
Andy Miller
Shawn Withers
Joe Daversa
Dave Daversa
Mike Ostrowski and Company from Wilkes Barre/Scranton
Dan Killingsworth (If Granogue doesn't wipe him out)
Matt Morrison (If Granogue doesn't wipe him out)
Don Don Andrews found fun elsewhere now and ain't coming
Legendary Tony Labato

Oh, and my group will simply be having fun on the rocks. I ain't riding at no breakneck speed or anything -- just fun schtuff for a change. I even ditched the heart rate monitor so no more heart rate Harriet. I may switch up the route and do Wolf Pond first, THEN Rock's Ridge, Matter, and the preferred DOWN Rattling Creek, which means the trip back will be UP FAWN Kill or road. total miles will be about 16 or 17 miles at a comfortable pace.

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