Saturday, May 17, 2008

Memorial Weekend Ride - Sunday May 25

Its our 7th freaking year doing this thang! It started out as "neighboring clubs ride" and we attempting to gather together all our neighbor clubs like VMB (I don't they were called that then), NMBA (yup, they WERE called that then), LHORBA (they are old too), SAMBA (newly organized) and I can't remember who else. In return, RCST attempted to get to some of their rides. Well, more like Emory and Rick Begley mostly got to other rides. Me, Rick, and Keith (mostly Keith) never left Lykens. That's not true. We get out and about sometimes. The Memorial Weekend ride has become a tradition of bikin' buddies gathering together to have some fun in the woods on our bikes and then eat burgers and dogs on the grill afterwards -- courtesy RCST. We cater to all skill levels. Ricky usually does a "casual" group -- a slower pace, and not so far. Maybe he'll go 12-15 miles. And he usually bases where he goes on who is in the group. If there are folks that would rather not do rocks, they'll go on easier trails. Actually, its RICK who would rather not do rocks so they almost always go on easier trails. Keith likes to do an intermediate ride on rocks. But that ain't gonna happen this year with his healing wrists. So we are on a search for an intermediate rock hopper ride leader. Maybe I'll end up with that one. I used to do a long slow group ride, but this year I plan to lead a group where-ever there's a need for a ride leader. After I canvas some potential group leaders, I'll take what's leftover, or sweep for one of them. We usually get between 40 and 50 people, so we'll figure on that many for burgers and dogs. We typically do groups of 10-12, sometimes 15. Last year, Sean Wither's group was the biggest. He started with about 15 -- but I think there was 3 of them that actually made the entire loop. We usually have black and white maps to give to folks that need to bail and find their way back. The ride STARTS at 10:00 AM! That's not get there at 10:00 am, that's leaving at 10:00 am. It starts at the Minnich Hit Picnic Area.

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