Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2009 BASH Recap

What a weekend! We’re finally getting a chance to regroup and have a little time to recap the 10th Annual RCST Mountain Bike Bash. First, thanks to all of YOU for making it happen. It rained all day Friday – no it poured all day Friday – but that didn’t stop folks from contenting themselves with other extra-curricular activities rather than riding. The rain didn’t stop the Chili Cook off, the beer wagon tapping, nor the Jay DeJesus skills clinic. 12 folks prepared a pot of Chili for everyone to vote on and in the end; Don Olson won another “Chile” trophy. Runners up were Karen Egolf and Scott Christina. Saturday started with dry skies and wet trails, but nearly everyone headed out anyway for a day on the trails. The skies broke lose again in the afternoon while many were on their way back to camp so most folks were “looking awesome dude” coated with mud. Saturday evening festivities started with the famed Gonder’s Grubhouse chicken dinner at 5:30, followed by the very entertaining and soothing acoustic duo, Accouco. We want them back next year!!! The prize drawing went off at about 8:00 and the table was non-too short on quality prizes. Camelbacks, a trainer, a bike stand, bike computers, bike chains, sunglasses, Forze bars, Dirt Rag glasses and the prized possession of the 10th annual bash – specially created 10” anniversary GRIZ mugs. Sunday’s Rock’s ridge contest was questionable with the weather; so we shortened it so folks could ride – and ride the trails they did ‘cause only 4 folks showed up to battle for the crowns. In the end, Brad Doxtater unseated the reigning King, Darrin Kreis for the King trophy. Yours truly, Jill Wiest, was “the only girl with balls” to attempt it and took home the queen honors. This was the last year for the Rock’s Ridge King and Queen – we’ll replace it with something equally fun next year. The rain took a toll on Camp Muckleratz this year and the field endured a lot of wet conditions leaving a very rutty entrance down the middle of the field. The land owner was happy we did the best we could and raked the muddy sections, and he told Rick, “what I should have is a roller.” Rick was more than happy to share his roller with the Camp caretaker. We haven't confirmed the dates yet with Ken the Camp caretaker, but we're looking at September 16, 17, 18, and 19. We'll confirm when we confirm Muckleratz availability.


rsdmag said...
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rsdmag said...

Thanks for a great weekend and that trainer kicks ass!! Thanks RCST and sponsors!

Chili said...

Dan - I believe you got the most valuable item on the raffle table - congrats!!