Monday, September 14, 2009

10th Annual RCST BASH Recap (a short one)

We're too exhausted to do a thorough recap at this point. Suffice it to say, it was yet another memorable event -- in more ways than one. It rained for 48 hours. The Acoustic guys, Accouco, were very well liked. All the kegs were kicked. The trails held up (sort of). The Rock's Ridge competition dwindled immensely this year -- 3 guys and a girl with balls -- could it be the wet rocks scared them away? Gonder's chicken was again awesome. 12 folks cooked up chili and Don Olson won (again!). We had a Friday night band for the first time. And that 48 hours of rain took a toll on the field and 6 tired souls raked, shoveled, and tamped the ruts back into place so the property owner wouldn't have a fit (we don't think he will). Thanks to everyone who made the BASH yet another success. But a special thank you to Shawn Withers, Trainwreck and Esther, Scott Corbin, Rick Begley, Rick, and Keith for toughing it out to the bitter end and helping with the final clean up of ashes, fire rings (they had to be dismantled), and tossed firewood (it went back to the wood pile), and filling in those muddy ruts. Tom Gibson and Mike Bega get an honorable mention too for helping moving those monstrous picnic tables back to their starting point. And a thanks to all of you who helped toss trash in the dumpster on the way out. Feel free to post your comments - we'd love to here them.


trainwreck said...

stellar time at camp knuckleratz! thanks RCST!

big frown to the putz that left the fire ring with really hot ashes for keith to clean up.

hey everyone, the bash is put on by like three people with the help of a handful of others! wise up and do your part, act like adults while your there(even when your drunk), and clean up after yourselves!

Anonymous said...

GREAT TIME. we should all give a big THANK YOU TO RICK ,JILL, KEITH.keith did not even get ride his bike bummer.all who help THANK YOU