Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Groups" of Horses on Singletrack -- Again.

A "Wise" soul from Michaux commented if you don't nip in the bud, they'll be back, and he was right... the horses were out in force again today on the Weiser single track. Rick saw 7 of them in one group, and another 2 were riding in another group, and on our way out of the woods, we saw about 6 more. The snowmobile parking lot had about a dozen trailers. And the trails? They continue to show signs of degradation. Matter, Shale Run, and Preserve Line are the worse. It's been dry all week, yet these trails are wet, muddy at spots, and very soft. This is a direct result of the horse event earlier this year. These trails will continue to degrade unless DCNR opts to keep the horses off the single track. Surprisingly, they asked Keith when we could sit down with them along with the horses folks and work this out. So it appears there's a meeting in the future between DCNR, us, and the equine group to hammer out what IS ok and what isn't. I'm looking forward to that because its very sad to see all of our hard work get chewed up so badly.

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