Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Info for the BASH Virgins

Boy are you first-timers in for a treat! I'm sure by now you've heard about all the hoopla from your friends on how great of a time the BASH is. They weren't kidding. It's laid back and easy-going - not a lot of rules. So here's some basic info if its your first time.
Gates open at 4:00 on Thursday.
  • Drive all the way to the end of the driveway to a cinder block building -- that's registration and check-in. You'll pass two pavilions -- that's where the chili cook off and the Sat evening dinner is will be, along with the prize drawings and maybe the band.
  • There's no announcements or loud speakers saying what's going on -- so watch your clock for the times on the schedule of events and happenings.
  • They'll be a schedule at check-in, along with other goodies like:
  • Group rides. We try to post who is doing what kind of ride on Saturday, and that will be hanging in the bunkhouse to give you an idea of what kind of ride you might want to do.
  • We'll provide a black and white map so you can find your way on your own on Thurs eve and Friday. Only Saturday is organized rides unless we can find folks willing to lead a group or two on Friday.
  • A full kitchen is in the bunkhouse. Feel free to use it! You can cook if you want, the water is good to drink and fill up for rides, and the bunkhouse is where bagels and coffee are located for breakfast. There's a microwave and a nice gas stove and oven.
  • Porta-potties - there will be 5 this year, thanks to the generous donation of an un-named regular who thinks we never have enough.
  • Showers -- are primitive. Ricky Brown builds 3 "porta-showers" with curtains and we have a club member who supplies a water heater. So its actually not bad. But remember there's going to be about 200 people wanting to shower. So think that through. There's also a nice, private washroom in the bunkhouse with 3 bowls to wash, brush your teeth, change. Feel free to use that. One of my friends said they never "shower" at the BASH -- showering is over-rated. (???)
  • Camping - first come first served. No reserved spots. But don't fret - its BIG and there are lots of spaces. It's help yourself. If you don't want to tent camp, you're welcome to the bunkhouse which has about 40 bunk beds. There's usually about a dozen or so used during the BASH. Remember though -- its a CAMP. It has that wonderful campy smell to it :)
  • Saturday evening hoopla -- the Beer Wagon (yup, there's a WAGON with 4 or so taps on the side of it) is fired up about 4:00 ish (I think) and it's included in your registration fee so help yourself! Dinner arrives about 5:30ish and most folks bring a chair and sit under the pavilion and relax a little. About 7:00ish, Keith, Jill, and Rick do the raffle drawing. If you registered for the whole weekend, you're name is in the drawing. Other years we had prizes for everyone, but it took WAY too long so we cut the prizes back to about 40 or 50 NICE things. So many of you will walk away with a nice prize.
  • The Trails. Ahhhh... the best part. The trail system is about 27 miles total if you ride from camp. Riding from camp means a 2 mile, 800 foot elevation climb. But you get to come back DOWN that at the end of the ride, so its all good. We'll have black and white maps for you. Many folks drive to the top of the mountain to skip the climb and just go for the meat of the trails -- the oh-so-sweet singletrack. Some will ride Rock's Ridge over and over again to get ready for....
  • Rock's Ridge Contest on Sunday. It starts at 10:00 this year. You just show up at the Schreffler Trail end and get your number plate (a paper plate). The judges mark a start-point and end-point in the rockiest sections of the trail and YOU get to TRY to dead start and make it through the rocks. That's right -- no running start -- its a dead start and it ain't easy! But it sure is fun. Please tell the GIRLS to enter. We didn't have any last year and other years were sparse. Last year we had to give the queen trophy to the last place guy! He was such a trooper and had SUCH a good attitude. GIRLS -- ENTER THIS!! Its really fun.
  • Closing time. You gotta be out by 3:00 on Sunday! and we mean OUT by 3:00. Last year we had to rush some guys 'cause the camp owner was there to lock things up and he wasn't happy waiting around. So please respect the property owner and be out by 3:00.
  • Campfires. You are welcome to build them - but bring your own firewood. The camp is out of firewood this year. We're trying to locate some for the big bonfire in the middle, but that hasn't happened yet. When you are done for the weekend, the ashes need taken to the big bonfire in the middle and your ring must be covered over.

You'll get all this info at check-in too. Welcome!!!

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