Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sept 23 update

The trail gnomes were out this morning. Emory, Joe and myself got all the trees cleared off of Fawn Kill. We made a log ramp out of the triple downed tree section, rode it later and it was nice and smooth!! Also did some trimming since we we walked the entire trail, no more face slappers on Fawn Kill for now.

After trail work got out and did a loop of all the singletrack, trails are riding great and good to go. Any trees down are easily rideable. Enjoy, and remember hunting season is quickly approaching. Lot's of hunters in the woods and on the dirt roads, so keep your eyes open.


Anonymous said...

I have a group of about 6 that want to come out and enjoy your trails. I've read about possibly posting a map, but couldn't find it. Can someone email a trail map to me? Any recommendations on where to start and what direction to go? Thanks!

OMW said...

Here is a link to the map on google docs, wasn't able to post a PDF on blogger easily.

There are multiple parking lots, depends on how much riding you want to do?? The snowmobile lot makes you climb 2 miles to access the trails. Minnich Hit works well, but depending on your route you tend to have a climb at the end to the car. The east lot is my favorite, mostly downhill coming back down Fawn Kill or Rattling Creek.

OMW said...
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