Thursday, November 19, 2009

Help Wanted: RCST Trail Advocate

RCST is looking for a trail advocate representative. Keith, Rick, nor myself no longer can dedicate the time to this and the club could use a fresh face in this area. I’m sure you noticed less and less trailwork sessions (although the trails really have been awesome and we have lots of members that will do a little trail work while going for a ride).

What the job involves:
o Attending bi-annual, statewide meeting of mountain bike clubs to hear/talk about trail advocacy.
o Working with DCNR and other users groups (equine/hikers) on organized trailwork sessions. Maybe be part of a “Friends” group of Weiser.
o Help organize trail work as needed (working with the Equine folks).
o Coordinate club members for trail work as needed.
o Follow IMBA’s guidelines on trail advocacy, trail building, trail maintenance.
o Communicate any info you receive with the club membership. That could be done through the BLOG (or maybe our soon-to-be redesigned website).

This is volunteer work, but if you have a passion for mountainbiking and the RCST trails, its well worth the time and effort. If you do it right (you are calling the shots!), you’ll get to RIDE every time there’s a meeting or trail work session.

Please let Jill know ( of your interest and she’ll take care of connecting you with the appropriate folks (i.e., IMBA, DCNR, and Jim Theurer of the Equine Assoc to start). There’s already a session underway by Jim to have someone take a look at Preserve line trail. He’s also planning to have someone show them some trail building techniques so this is a perfect time for those of you wanting to get involved to join ranks with Jim, Thanks!

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