Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rock's Ridge King and Queen at the BASH 2008

The 6th annual King and Queen of Rock's Ridge were crowned again at the Rattling Creek Singletrackers BASH with this year's Queen taking on a good sense of humor in addition to some skill with rock-hopping. The contest is all about how well you ride rocks and each year, Shawn Withers and Company - usually Scott Stewart (a.k.a. Skippy), but this year with the help of Trainwreck (a.k.a. Bill Braum from Ohio) and Chris Staerner from Mountainside Ski and Sports, tape off sections on Rock's Ridge. And these aren't the normally ridden sections that would give frequent riders an advantage with knowing the lines -- these are a bit more difficult sections - usually just off to the side. For those unfamiliar with Rock's Ridge, its the most technical trail in the Rattling Creek Trail System. Its rocks, upon rocks, with some serious rockwork done in sections. There are bridges, ramps, and difficult lines. Many people come ride here JUST to get on this trail. The riders of the contest are then asked to start from a dead stop at a tape just from the rock garden, ride the rocky, taped off section, to an ending tape at the other end -- maybe 25-50 feet depending on the difficulty of the section. The rider with the least amount of dabs wins. There are usually about 4-5 sections, done in both directions. If you go over the tape/line, you are finished on that section with an automatic 10 points for that section. This contest is fairly popular each year -- but this year it was slightly light in attendance due to damp (humidity) conditions AND many of the BASHERS just wanted to ride and take advantage of the sunshine on Sunday, and not take time out to "compete." Most years there are at least one-two women entered, but there were NO women this year. Jill tried to get women to enter, but we had an idle thrown. But have no fear... the creative juices were flowing and at the end of the day, the entrant with the MOST dabs, ended up taking home the Queen title. I can't recall everyone that entered and I'm sorry to those of you I don't mention, but from my damaged brain memory, it was Paul Falkenstern, Greg Waitkus, Greg Spath, Dave Wallace, Jeff Weurthe and Heinz, Darin Kreiss, Mike Carter, Walter Schram and I can't remember the rest. Everyone did an inredible job. It ain't easy going through a rock garden from a dead stop! The hardest part is getting clipped in your pedals and I heard many say "I did that section without getting clipped in." At the end of the day though, it was Darin Kreiss and Mike Carter that were running neck to neck most of the contest, but Darin Kreiss pulled it off to take home the thrown for another year. He was last year's King also. But look out Darin....I heard someone say they are out to dethrown you next year. And the Queen? Well, Paul Falkenstern won that honor. Everyone really did well, but in the end someone had to have the most dabs, and it was Paul. He took his thrown home with a smile on his face - thanks Paul! Very fun day. Next year we're looking to change things up a bit for the 10th anniversary. So watch for changes next year - maybe a new trail? And lastly, kudos to our trophy-maker -- Robin Reinhart, a.k.a. Birdman. He outdoes himself every year with coming up with a creative, beautiful trophy. We all oooo and ahhhhh when he pulls the trophies out of the box. Thank you Birdman.

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