Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Last Update Before the BASH

The past week has been lively! Rick, Jill and Keith got out on Sunday for final trailwork and as of Sunday, all the trails were clear of treefall and sweet, sweet, sweet. Yesterday, though, we had a torrential downpour go through so Rick is fretting at the moment. Any downed trees or washing you encounter is from yesterday's storm. There are bunches of last-minute changes, additions, and switches to registrations. Its keeping us hopping 'cause we are trying to finalize the print out and its hard with constant changes. So stop doing your last minute shit! (just kidding). We have 7 group ride leaders with much thanks going out to Shawn Withers (long loop - 32 miles), Rick Begley (whole loop/23 miles, moderate pace), Mike Carter (whole loop/23 miles "endurance" pace - but we know what that means!), Joe Daversa (whole loop/23 miles minus Rocks Ridge and Wolf Pond moderate pace), Jill Wiest (3/4 loop/20 miles including Rock's Ridge and Wolf pond - moderate to slow pace), Rick Brown (casual loop/18 miles -- slower pace - driving to East end to start), and Keith Whitcomb (rocky loop - 15-18 miles - driving to Picnic Area to start). We'll have all the group ride routes posted at registration. Mike Carter also offered to do a Thursday evening ride, Friday ride (whenever - whatever folks want to do), and Emory Ehrenfeld will do a Sunday morning ride for those that are not interested in the Rock's Ridge contest. Bill Gentile will be demonstrating and letting folks use LUPINE LIGHTS for Friday evening's ride. Rick has also been busy with all the prep work that goes into the BASH - shopping for groceries/supplies (thanks WALMART!), building an extra shower-stall, packing his tools/supplies, gathering signs/making new signs - (do we have enough signs?), sending e-mail updates (yes, we are dog friendly if the dog is friendly), finalizing registration, answering e-mails (do we have cell phone coverage? - maybe), confirming chicken flavors, confirming if we have enough chicken (NO - some were told Sorry - we had to place our order last week and we are SOLD OUT!), making up ride routes, packing the vans, making the swap list, and so on and so on. I think you get the picture. Keith has been organizing the band(s) and BEER! We now will have two bands on Saturday and none of Friday. But a club (un-named!) is setting up a disco ball in one of the pavilions for a little disco party on Friday after the Chili cookoff. They are kooky! We have 13 confirmed chili cookers, and over 40 "maybe" cookers. So you'll definitely have fun tasting all the chili pots! Oh, and the micro-brew swap is a go on Friday evening also during the chili tasting. We kinda went over our limit for the BASH this year, but Keith and Rick just couldn't say no - especially to regulars that waited until the last minute. Camp Muckleratz will be filled up this year. Fun stuff. See you all THURSDAY!

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