Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Successful RCST BASH!

Another year has come and gone of a successful BASH - thanks to 170 (more or less) group of caring, fun, patient (dinner wasn't THAT late!), happy mountain bikers. Its YOU guys that make this thing a big hit. A nice write up is HERE by Darius Mark. Each year, Rick, me and Keith "reflect" on the weekend and each year we say how we always get such good people showing up. Thank you! We're already tossing around 10th year anniversary ideas to make it a little better for you. Pictures will be coming, maybe a longer write-up, and definitely a write-up about the Rock's Ridge Contest (where were the women!!!???). It'll take us a day or two to unload the van(s), pack things away, and reorganize for next year, THEN we'll post pictures, etc.

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