Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DCNR/RCST Discussion About Creek Crossing on Preserve Line

I mentioned a few posts earlier that Rick and I discovered a spot on Preserve Line trail near Lykens Road, whereby someone cleared a path wide enough for horses to cross the creek. We advised DCNR of the clearing simply because it could potentially be an erosion problem if the horses hooves chew the stream bank up. Rick talked directly with Mike Mazur (state official who works in Weiser), and Mr. Mazur commented that anyone can use any of the trails in the state forest, but erosion is another issue and he'll take a look at it. Rick went to say that he didn't think some of the trails are suitable for horses in certain (wet) conditions. Rick also commented on the wide trimming done on Matter trail -- wide enough for horses, and Mike Mazur knew nothing about it. He said he has not been on the trails, but has been busy with other maintenance in the forests -- drainage ditches, drainage pipes, putting new stone on snowmobile trail, and building a new parking lot at the district building complex for an overflow of maintenance vehicles. Trails haven't been high on his priority list, but he DID acknowledge that the bike club has been involved with the trails for many years.

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