Saturday, September 6, 2008

The BASH - Almost Here -- The Newest Sponsor

Sometimes we take the most basic things for granted, and for the BASH, I think the most basic is the trails we ride on and who owns them -- the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania! And the state is grateful for us -- the mountainbikers. Pennsylvania's Tourism office views mountainbiking as one of the "niche" markets and loves that we ride all over the state in state forests and parks and how tell our friends to come ride in PA. They love us so much, they gave us enough t-shirts for over half of you. So when you stop at registration, if you want one, its yours! Thanks to the PA Tourism office. Ready...Set....Bike!


Anonymous said...

You RCST guys are so cool. Beer, 3 bands, swag, warm showers, porta potties and now Tee shirts! You guys rock!!! This year I looks like I will be living my dream. I have wanted to ride a bike to the Bash the last 2 year and this year I’m riding all the way! It’s going to be a road bike this time. I’ll see how it goes and maybe I’ll use a Mt. Bike next time. Over 80 miles to Elizabethville according to google maps plus the ride to the camp grounds. See you Thursday!

Chili said...

Dean, you ARE the BIKEMAN, aren't you!? See you Thursday, jill