Saturday, September 20, 2008

Notification Went to DCNR About a Potential Trail Problem

Rick and I noticed a potential problem on a portion of the Preserve line trail... someone cut a path down over the stream embankment and through the stream at Preserve Line -- the narrow walking bridge nearest to Lykens Road. We believe, but can't be sure, the section was cut for horses to get through. We certainly can't deny horses the right to ride trail on state lands, but it IS a problem with erosion of stream embankments once the horses start really using it. So Rick wanted to let DCNR know about. Its simply a conservation and protection issue. If this was on Watershed property, they would be posting signs because Keith went to a Watershed meeting a couple years ago when horses damaged Doc Smith Trail, and we were told there would be no horses on the singletrack -- thus the "NO HORSES" signs on Watershed property. DCNR, at the time, agreed no horses should be on singletrack that they should be on snowmobile only. But when the latest map from DCNR came out, it shows Wolf Pond and Rock's Ridge and maybe some others, allowable for horses. We'll keep a watch and in contact with DCNR on the issue.

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