Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weather Update and the Trails

Irene downed about 25ish trees on the trails and thanks to Em, most brush is cleared and 5 of those trees. We got two of the trees this past weekend and will get out again this weekend.  Our next concern are the bridges over Rattling Creek.  In Ivan (2004), a bridge washed away.  Lee's rains the past 48 hours were comparable, so we are thinking we may be missing a bridge or two.  Will keep you posted.   The club only has one chainsaw.  If you have a chainsaw and are available this weekend, please email us and maybe we can coordinate a quicky trailwork session.  Fawn Kill had the most downed trees at 14.


Anonymous said...

both bridges on rattling creek are gone :(

Chili said...

F____K!!! Thanks for the update.