Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Happy BASH - the LAST BASH

Lots of happy campers once again at the LAST BASH.  Ricks pictures are here that show the evidence of happiness in many ways.     Thanks to all of you for making all 12 years memorable.  (11 years technically for me... 10 for Rick.... 12 for Keith).  We enjoy having you as much as you enjoy coming -- even if some of you don't like heavy metal.      Yes, it was the Last Bash for RCST, but possibly not the last Bash - VMB may take it over.   Did you really think it would die??    Ride on...


BigE said...

Thank jill and Rick,

i had a great weekend, but drank a little too much saturday night.

Hope you all have a nice retire vacation in fall and don't paddle too much.


Chili said...

Thanks Em. I think EVERYONE drank a little too much at one point! It's so nice to see so much comraderie. What a great bunch of folks. Thank you ALL.

Scott Powers said...

BIG THANKS to Rick, Jill, and Keith for pulling another one off. Had a great weekend - and thanks for ordering up the good weather too!!!

Great rides, friends, food, and beer!

Ed Spangenberg - Klick Studios said...

Yes thanks Rick, Jill, and Keith. My second year doing RCST. Friday was a great party with everyone dancing and having a good time (when the girls are dancing - you know it's a good party), Saturday's Death Metal was a little set back to the mood, but overall a great organized event. Can't wait to go back and get on those trails again, up there in my top places to ride in PA.