Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bridges Downstream -- Anyone Care to Retrieve?

Several fellow-mountainbikers have spotted the bridges downstream.  The largest is about 100 yards downstream and smaller is about 1/4 mile own dnot far from Doc-Smith trail.  One of the spotters is at the BASH and he commented how there's certainly enough of manpower at the BASH, maybe a bridge-retrieval possy should be organized and go get them.  And I said, "would you like to do that??"  He didn't (that I know of).  The club and those that ride the trails would be very grateful if someone would step forward, take leadership, and organize this effort.  As mentioned before, I'd be glad to get the word out via this BLOG and maybe to those who are attending the BASH this year and I'm sure you'd get enough helping hands to retrieve.  


Anonymous said...

Hey Chili I can take the lead on retrieving the bridges. I was thinking Sat. Meeting at the Doc Smith Trail head at 9:30. I can get the word out on the Samba site as well. Would like someone that was involved in the last retrieval of the bridges if possible.


Chili said...

Please send me an e-mail and I'll spread the word. I don't know who KJ is.

Joe Root said...

Your articles are solon than wow! trail bridges