Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last BASH Itinerary 2011

The (2011) 12th and Last RCST Mountain Bike BASH
Happenings and Times

Thursday 5 pm – Camp gate opens

Friday 7-8:30am – Breakfast
Friday (all day) – Informal Rides(self guided)
ask us for trail maps
Friday 6 pm-? – Pizza – Bring your own ingredients - Bake in Bunk House
Friday 6 pm – Micro-Brew Swap
Friday 7:00ish-? – Live Band

Saturday 7-8:30 am – Breakfast
Saturday 10:00 am – Organized Group Rides
Meet by pavilions
Saturday 4 pm – Troegs tasting begins
Saturday 5 or 5:30 pm – Chicken Dinner
Saturday 7 pm – Prize Drawings
Saturday 8:00ish-? – Live Band

Sunday 7-8:30 am – Breakfast
Sunday – On your own Rides
Sunday 3:00 pm – Camp gate closes
Please be out by 3pm


Anonymous said...

Rode Preserve Line, Rattling Creek and Doc Smith last evening. Moved a few branches and debris, but one branch for sure will need removed (can go around) and large tree across trail about 1/4 up trail from creek crossings. Also, 2 trees down on Doc Smith that will need removed.

Chili said...

Thx.. those may be doable (time to get out and remove them). I'll talk to Rick and see when he can get out.

Anonymous said...

Ventured out Matter trail from Preserve line. Big tree down about half way, and no going over it. Need to do some bushwhacking!!

Anonymous said...

What's the latest on the trails and the weekend?