Sunday, August 7, 2011

Last BASH Itinerary Coming Shortly

We are putting the finishing touches on the itinerary for the weekend and will post to this blog and send via e-mail to all registrants when ready.  In a nutshell, same as prior years: a live band Friday AND Saturday evening, beverage exchange friday evening, beverage wagon saturday evening, Gonder's Grubhouse chicken/vegetarian dinner on Saturday evening, swag drawing Saturday evening, etc.  We will NOT be having the chili cook-off on Friday evening.  Instead, we will be inviting folks to BYOP (Bring Your Own Pizza) supplies and put together your own creation on Friday evening in the bunkhouse kitchen.  There are two really nice ovens you are welcome to use to make pizza.  The PORC folks did this last year and had a ton of fun.  There's a bunch more ride-on-your-own time this year too with nothing planned for Sunday but recovery from Saturday and ride when you feel. 


Anonymous said...

Off the bash Subject how are the trails after the storm?

Chili said...

No idea on the trails. If anyone gets out, please let us know (or take a chain saw along!). Rick, Jill, nor Keith will likely be on the trails prior to the BASH.