Saturday, March 15, 2008

There's a Space Ship on Top of Broad Mountain In Weiser

It sure looks like a space ship...I was wishing I had a camera to get a picture. It's in the huge field on the very top near the hang-glider launch. Rim Trail acutally circles around the field where the ship is sitting. I'm sure Rick and I will be over there tomorrow to get pictures. Its really cool. Big...weird...all kinds of gadgets on it.

I FINALLY got on the trails today and have much to report.

  • Dismounted no less than 10 times to crawl over, under and around downed trees. We have work to do. Keith said he'll be "Trail Boss" now that he can't ride until his wrists heal.
  • Was thinking how bumpy the trails seemed. Duh...maybe it's because it poured raining two weeks ago? And maybe the trails are really washed at spots. will notice a much more bumpy ride. There's some serious washing at spots and rocks are exposed. Most noteable washed areas:
  • Rattling Creek at the "gully" where the water is supposed to run (its one of the biggest rock gardens on Rattling Creek).
  • Fawn Kill at the log pile -- there's actually standing water in there.
  • Shale Run - watch for the tree on the downhill with a branch sticking deadon in front of you -- I wish i could have moved 'cause that one is dangerous if you don't see it coming and are flying down there.
  • Schreffler to the turn on Dry Run. Very washed, still soggy, a tree or two will slow you down if the washing doesn't. Its not screaming fast anymore!

Will try to get out and get a pic of the space ship tomorrow. Amazingly, even with standing water in spots and several soft spots - there's no mud! I love our trails. I bagged a race today at Blue Marsh 'cause I knew after last night's rain Blue Marsh would be a quagmire of mud. I'm glad I bagged it...was a great day in the woods.


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