Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Good Friday and Easter Weekend Riding

It's on! You may encounter some very cold temps and snow on Saturday morning (calling for 22 degrees and chance of snow), but Good Friday should be decent and possibly Easter if the weather stays away for Friday evening. Watch for downed trees in fast sections. Don't get speared on Shale Run.

We DO have some trail gods to thank. I really don't know who they are, but there's always evidence that folks stop and clear what they can off the trails. Rick carries a saw with him, obviously others do too - so THANK YOU! I'm trying to talk Rick into riding on Friday and if we do, we'll try to clear as many trees off the trails as we can. The majority of trees will need a trail crew and a chainsaw, but there's a couple we may be able to do ourselves. Possibly the Earth Day weekend we could clear trees with chain saw.


rsdmag said...

Jill- this blog is great, I just wanted to say thanks for keeping us all 'in the loop'

Chili said... was needed since Rick turned into a slacker! And this is super easy to update frequently. I know you were asking a couple weeks ago what the trails were like (this is Dan isn't it?!), so I have you to thank for the idea!