Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mo Rain, Mo Soft, Gooshie Trails - But Maybe Ok to Ride

Ma Nature is a bit unpredictable this month -- as suspected. The next few days will tell the story for weekend riding on RCST trails. and have differing forecasts - says showers and Accuweather says chance of a shower Saturday afternoon, so I can't say for sure what the conditions will be like come the weekend. It doesn't appear there will be a downpour like last week, so we may be safe in getting out and riding. BUT, if you do, you may encounter some soft spots and if you do, remember the golden rules of keeping singletrack singletrack:
  • Ride THROUGH the center of the puddle or mud.
  • Do NOT go out around the soft section. If you do, we'll track you down using CSI methods of analyzing your tire tracks.

ps. Rick and I had planned on getting on trails on Sunday since we haven't been there since who-knows-when (October?!), but appears its won't be warm enough for Rick (high of 40). So its a wait-and-see-game.

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