Monday, November 19, 2012

Trail Work Success!!!

Thanks to all who helped with the trail work this past Sunday, 8 workers for a total of 27 man hours. We had enough people and resources to split up into 2 groups, trail cleanup and bridge restoration.  

Everyone helped get the new treads carried down to the bridge, we then split up to get it done. Crew 1 worked on replacing the bridge treads on the large bridge on Rattling Creek trail, as well as adding braces that were missing since the bridge was recovered and reassembled after last years hurricane flooding.

New treads and braces, looks great and solid!!!

Crew 2 went out with chainsaws to clear Sandy's damage. Doc Smith and Rugged Trail had the most damage, over 12+ trees down.

Two trees, 1 picture!!!

We were done by mid day, so everyone got out to ride and enjoy the brisk and beautiful day. There are 2 trees down that require dismounts (one on Preserve Line after you turn left and up from Fawn Kill, and another on Shale Run getting closer towards Minnich Hit), hoping to get them addressed soon. There are a few others down, but they can be ridden!! Overall, trails are good, come and get em!!

Remember hunting season is in, Bear is in through Saturday, and Deer starts next Monday for 2 weeks.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice work everyone and THANKS!