Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nov 11 - Perfect day in the woods

A beautiful Nov day brought many riders to Rattling Creek Sunday. When we got back to Minnich Hit there were at least a dozen cars in the lot, and I am sure some at the East lot too.

Post Sandy, trails are in pretty good shape. Our group had enough man power to move some decent size deadfalls. We needed the handsaws for a few others, and moved lots of large sticks. Trails were easy to follow, leaves down but not thick and heavy like other places I have been lately.

Unfortunately I didn't get out to check out Doc Smith (heard there were a few trees down there), Hopback, or the East Loop. The rest are not too bad, a tree down on Fawn Kill right by the 3 log rollover we took care of last time, and a few others but they are mostly rideable. There was definitely some water flowing and a lot more erosion out on Fawn Kill through the technical rock gardens.

Thinking of getting a trail day together sometime in the near future. Would like to do clean up any lingering downed trees and maybe do some brush cutting. There is also new decking cut and ready to replace on the large bridge on Rattling Creek Trail from last years storm damage. Will work on a date and post it up soon.

If you were out and have any other trail updates, trees down, etc please feel free to comment below.

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