Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Trail Work Day Sun Nov 18

I know I mentioned an upcoming trail work day in my last post, and it looks like there is some interest in trying to put a last minute one together for this Sunday Nov 18.

The main focus is to install the new bridge treads on the large bridge on Rattling Creek Trail. The treads are already pre cut, we will need help getting the new treads down to the bridge, tearing the old treads off, installing the new ones, and getting the old ones back up to the road. It also sounds like most of the downed trees are on Doc Smith, so we would like to get that trail cleared up. It won't take too many people to get this all done in a short period of time, the goal would be to meet around 8AM and be done by Noon. A few people for the deck project, and maybe 2 small crews for log cutting. Bring your bike to ride afterwards.

If we get lots of people coming to help, there are also a few spots that could really use some brush cutting, we could send a group with at least 1 brush cutter and maybe 2. 

If you would like to help, please let us know in the comment section below.




Anonymous said...

Maybe you should post this on MTBR, as it seems like there isn't a lot of traffic checking posts here. There was just a group asking how the conditions are on there, maybe it would invoke a little bit more help. I know I missed some work days just because I didn't think anyone was posting on RCST anymore.

I should be able to make it with dewalt drills and a small chainsaw.


OMW said...


Sounds great, see you Sunday. We will meet at the East End lot first and split up from there depending on turnout.

yes, I saw the posts on MTBR and just posted one up about the trail work day.

Anonymous said...

I got some of the other trails small stuff last sunday.

You got 14 trees on doc smith. I know an easy way to get trees on doc smith, but you need two crews.

Only 2 trees would be notched out (60" thick).

I found 8 trees on rugged trail, but only 2 need cut (2 feet up in air) and 1 out at end of stone trail. There is on 60" tree on fawn kill (out by our table top trees we build oct 4th). Other than that the rest of trails looked good.

I'll be up sunday, but don't have a saw. Are we trying to cut trees out only or also put new deck on bridge? I have hammer and crow bar is why I'm asking.


OMW said...


The plan is to do both, new deck and cut trees. Hopefully enough people to split up and make it happen!! The deck crew has all the power tools needed, but a hammer and crowbar will be good.

AB said...

Rattling Creek SingleTrackers - You guys are awesome! I came into town with one of my friends to ride the trails for the first time and the entire area rode really well despite the recent storms that blew through the coast and PA. Great work keeping the trails open and in great shape. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to maintaining these trails so guys like me can head in for a day to experience these great trails.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

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