Sunday, March 8, 2009

Woods Report - 3-7-09, Thank You to Some Trail Gods!

There were about 9 or so folks riding in Weiser yesterday -- nice. Who could refuse on a such a perfect weather day. There were a handful of soft sections on the trails, but not to the point of muddy. And YOU know who you are but, but we don't - so we have to THANK YOU publicly. Someone has been cutting treefall off the trail. (Dale???) We knew there were several, but we noticed several were removed and there's now only a couple. We have the best trail riders -- they stop and clear things, replace rocks that got kicked out, and generally are simply good stewards of the trail -- thank you, thank you, thank you. At first, I thought maybe it could have been horse people, and Rick said no, there's no evidence of horses on the trails (they typically don't use Fawn Kill). All in all, we are very grateful for everything folks do to help out. You could see evidence of people stopping to throw limbs off the trail. Awesome. We also noticed some fresh blazing on Fawn Kill. We have no idea who's doing that either. Last year, DCNR blazed Rock's Ridge (at least we thought it was DCNR), this year its Fawn Kill. They'll likely do the other trails also. I'll continue to keep folks updated on trail happenings. Aren't blogs great!?

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