Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rattling 50 Marathon Update

It's on. Registration is up at Bikereg.com for the Rattling 50 Marathon, being put on by HighSpeedCycling.com and VisitPA.com Mountain Bike Team. $70 bucks, 50 miles, or $25 bucks for 17 miles. Base camp is the Girl Scout Camp on the other side of the mountain near Carsonville. And if you don't feel like going into Bike Reg to read about it, here's the write-up -- he talks about YOU GUYS and your stellar trail building skills. Oh, and the BASH is mentioned, so get your registration in early (we are 1/6 filled already):

Weee're Baaaaaack!! That's right kids here we go again. 50 Rattling Miles is back on the schedule because I need to put on another race like a junkie needs another fix. This is a killer course. Don't believe it just ask me. Better yet, send me your money and come try it out for yourself. Or just send me your money and don't come. I don't really care as long as I get the cash. The Rattling Creek Singletrackers (RCST - google "Rattling Creek Singletrackers") have done a stellar job creating an incredible network of trails on this wide ridge in central PA. RCTS got on board with the IMBA way of trail building early on and built a showcase of what can be accomplished when mountain bikers and property owners and governmental organizations work together. Now you get to race on their creation. Thank you RCST!! Yinzers Rawk!! The trails are killer and the camp is sweet too with camping available on site for a nominal fee. Please note that the camp is ours from Friday through Saturday evening so do not plan to spend Sat night on site. And, if you like the race you ought to come back and check out the RCST Bash Sept 10-13 to ride the trails and eat chili and see if you can navigate Rock's Ridge without a single dab and become King or Queen of the Bash! There will be three checkpoints on the course for all marathon racers. We will transport bags to CP#1 which doubles as CP#3. We will stock CP#2 with an assortment of yummy stuff that you'll probably regurgitate on the climb out of there...yummy!! New for 2009 is a little Open XC race. This is mostly for fun and frolic and for those of you not into a long long day in the saddle. Prizes are small, but then so is the entry fee so come out and have a blast with us and see if you can't kick your buddies' butts.Looking for lodging for the weekend? Then check out www.visitPA.com and while you're there see what other things you might find to do in Harrisburg, Hershey or any of the rest of central PA one your way to the race or home. VisitPA.com is a killer way to find new things to do and see in PA even if you've lived here your whole life. You can also get pics of the sexy visitPA.com team members on the site and if that doesn't make you want to click on over then I don't know what will!Get reg'd up in advance because I stick you with late charges on the day of! I'm a bastard that way. $20 more if you can't sign up for the Marathon in advance and $10 more if you're too lame to pre-reg for the xc event! More info on the event website at www.highspeedcycling.com

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