Sunday, March 15, 2009

Woods Report - 3-14-09

Things are DRY - way too dry for spring. Wolf Pond is completely dried up and the trails have very few soggy spots and at this time of the year, there's usually water running everywhere and a lot of mushiness. Wolf Pond road was the only area I saw some mud and slop. Everything else is dry, dry, dry. The woods were quiet yesterday -- very calm, little activity or visitors. All you could heard were flocks of geese heading north. I saw two backpackers (rare for Weiser), and two local walkers, a ruffed grouse and a bunch of crows. The weather station is intact, although I'm not so sure its working 'cause everytime you go into the link from this Blog, it says "off line." I expected to see it laying over or something... but it wasn't. So I'm not sure what's up with it. No other mountain bikers around - at least not where I was riding (West side).

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