Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trail Work Update

Rick and I got out again today to do some trailwork. He had a tough time pulling me away from the blueberries, but we managed to completely finish up Fawn Kill. We cut logs out, trimmed back some face slappers, and re-did a ramp someone took some time to build, but it wasn't quite enough (they only ramped one side -- we're guessing to get some air, but we aren't sure). So we ramped both sides of the log. The plan is to get out again next weekend and cut the log on Rock's Ridge, and work on the face slappers on Schreffler, Dry Run, and Rattling Creek. We hope to also stop after work one night and cut back Hop Back which we're fairly certain is overgrown by now. I hate to admit, but I haven't ridden the trails in weeks. Only what we do on trail work days (for now that's only been Fawn Kill and Doc Smith) is about all I've been riding. So if you know of treefall that definitely needs attention, let us know!

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