Monday, August 18, 2008

All Coming Together

The trails...the BASH...the riders...the registrations. Everything is falling into place for the 9th annual BASH! We've been collecting SWAG from our AWESOME sponsors... Bicycle Outfitters in Elizabethtown, Mountainside Ski and Sports in Mechanicsburg, Lyman Glass Sculptures, CLIF Bar, Boligs Gas and Propane (hot showers!), Shawn Withers, Spokes Bicycle is coming again with Mike Carter as the Spokes Team representative, Robin Reinhart -- trophy maker extraordinaire -- will be back with his incredible ironworks, and Keith and Rick's hard work in making phone calls to line everything up. Me? (Jill)...I'm just a slacker these days. Actually, I carry the chainsaw for Rick when we do the trailwork (ha!). No really, the trails are getting cleared and some of you are worried they are too tight...getting overgrown. We're going to try to cut back the taller stuff that slaps the face, but the underbrush -- the blueberries -- will start to die back by the BASH so we likely will not get the brush hog out for that. There's one spot that someone said is really, really overgrown that we may get at -- on Rugged Trail. Someone else mentioned poison on Hopback, so we'll search for that and banish it from the trails. Its gonna be another awesome year!

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