Sunday, August 24, 2008

Trail Update - Sunday Aug 24

Everything is dry and fast. Rick, Keith and Jill got out for some log cutting on Rattling Creek trail so you need not worry about the twin log in the fast downhill section - its clear sailing now. We also fixed the logpile at the top of Rattling Creek. The center was caving in and it just needed some logs to fill it in, so Rick got the idea of cutting the ends off the logs, filling in the caving in section, then having a "go-around" for weenies -- like him. (He said it, not me!) The only other trail maintenance needed that we are aware of is trimming Hop back and possibly a log on Wolf Pond. Emory is riding today so we'll know for sure by day's end what else is needed. We cut back most of the face slappers on the tight stuff and its looking pretty good. Some would argue that its still too tight (we think its good now), and Keith commented yesterday how when he first started mountain biking, you could barely tell there was a trail that everything was grown in big time. So we honored the survey on this BLOG (Is the Singletrack too tight?), and just cut back the face slappers.

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