Friday, February 4, 2011

The Last BASH - 2011

It's official. The final episode. The last chapter. The end to the BASH is near. This September will mark the last year for the annual BASH. After 12 years of organizing, we're calling it quits. There's a couple changes for this year: no Chili cook-off on Friday night. Our entries were down; thus, not enough food! We're tossing around other ideas for Friday night dinner -- maybe a pizza party in the bunk house. And there's no Rock's Ridge nor Hill Climb for Sunday. It's a free day to do as you please. Everything else is the same -- Camp Muckleratz, Gonder's Grub House on Saturday evening, entertainment both Friday and Saturday, the beverage wagon, organized rides on Saturday, same $45.00 registration. Oh, and we're giving you a t-shirt with registration for the LAST BASH too. Can you guess what will be on it?? So sign up here and be one of the 150 final attendees.

1 comment:

Randy said...

Hate to see you go. But you can be sure that "Debbie Gibson" will be there for the end of a era. Thanks for all the great memories.