Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snow Reports for Rattling Creek Trails

I'll try to keep you all posted on snow and whether the trails are covered or not. Check back for updates on the sidebar on the right - "Trail Update" - for the latest. enjoy the Winter!


Chili said...

12-10 - Still no snow. Not even a dusting.

BigE said...

thank jill,

I've been riding on trails the pass two weekends. I cleared a few trees off doc smith, fawn kill and rock ridge. Got 4 I like to get out of rugged trail. Can't get the 10+ inch trees since need chain saw.

Trails alot faster to ride now.

I got over to somerset ridge st park trail to xc ski. Had 24 inches 2 weekend ago and was stepping on trees. Boy was that cool to back country ski and go over trees without knowing they're on the ground.

I'm hoping they get 8 inches in next 2 days to open again. They get 2 to 4 inches over night so may have 1/2 foot by saturday morning.

That's why I was clearing some trees so if we get 6 inches we can ski. Crew from reading was over last friday and crying french creek had 5 inches snow, so they came to our trails to bike (snow was gone by sunday at french creek but muddy).