Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Old Website Is Going Down - No More Memberships

As an FYI, if any of you have links to, I'd suggest removing them 'cause that website is going to dissappear shortly. We no longer have the software to update and this BLOG serves the purpose well since we do not make a ton of updates and the club is not nearly as active as years past. The other major change with the club is NO MORE MEMBERSHIPS TO RCST. Since the BASH generates enough funding to keep the trail maintenance going, memberships are going away also. We are going get the map PDFd and provide it on the Blog for anyone to download. Now some of you will say why not hook up with other groups that do memberships for you? Like the Friends of Weiser, or even IMBA? We do not see the need -- the BASH covers the basic funding needs to maintain the trails.


Scot said...

What's the best route around the place? I've been a member, got a map and have ridden all the trails a few times, and think i know what I'm doing....but how does everyone like to ride from trail to trail? For the most flow and fun, not for the most intense training ride!

Heading to Rattling Creek tomorrow from the Williamsport area, so any reply tonight would be great. Thanks!

Chili said...

Most folks like to start from the Minnich Picnic Area and do the rocky stuff on top first (Wolf Pond and Rock's Ridge). They then go DOWN Matter single track, schreffler, dry run to RAttling creek and the east trails. Most finish up on Fawn Kill, preserve line and shale run to the picnic area. enjoy! WE may run into you -- although not on tires. Watch for blow down.

BigE said...

Hi gang,

Been a while since I hit the blog. Doing the dirt rag festival for weekend. At least friday and saturday, since got work sunday.

I'll tell Rick begley and scott Corbin news about club news. We used RCST as our camp listing and got 7 people listed.

Hope your picnic goes well on memeriol day if I don't get up to weiser.


Kurt said...

Its been awhile since I've ridden these trails, thought I had a map but cant find it. Would like to ride tomorrow. Anyone have a map?

Kurt said...
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