Thursday, April 29, 2010

Memorial Weekend Ride - Show and Go - BYOF. Sunday, May 30

A dedicated RCSTer had a great idea for the Memorial Weekend Ride -- show and go/bring your own grill/food. Rick Begley plans to be there with his posse and he'll likely have his grill. The group usually starts at 9:00ish from the Minnich Hit Picnic area. So feel free to show up, ride, and bring your own munchies/drinks for afterwards. The date is Sunday, May 30, 2010. Have fun!


Theodore said...

Not that i'm making a commitment or anything, but where do you meet normally?

Chili said...

Minnich hit Picnic Area is the Meeting spot.

Melissa said...

Sounds great. Btw...anyone riding this Saturday???

BigE said...

Hey melissa,

turkey season still in for 2 more saturday, so nootime be a safe start. The NWTF group is big up Weiser forest, so we support them since they donated to the club alot the past few years (just passing on info).

Hope your ride has better weather than up Raystown. We got rain mid afternoon for now and hope it blows through quickly.