Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DCNR Trail Assessment of Sunday's Equestrian Event

From DCNR - their assessment of the trails:

From: "Nicola R Zulli" To: rcst1@yahoo.com, REBJSW@epix.net, "jim theurer"
Cc: "Michael Mazur" , "Mark W Deibler"
Sent: Monday, July 27, 2009 2:49:02 PM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Subject: Damage to Single Track Trails
Hello All,
I spent most of the day today hiking the single tract trails used by the
equestrian event held this past weekend. I will agree the trails did show
signs that horses had traveled them after a rain event. I did not see major
damage to the extent that the trails are unusable for biking or hiking.
There were some small holes made by the horse's hooves and I did find one
hole that was a foot deep or so, probably from a rock being moved. The
stream bed had no damage to it and the stream banks had minor damage, that I
believe will have little impact to the stream and water quality. Over all I
am impressed the trails held up the way they did with having a down pour for
a couple hours and then having 29 horses travel over them.
I have spoken with Jim in person and he is going to go over the trail and
fix any holes that were made by horses and special attention to Preserve
Line Trail and Shale Run Trail. This work will be done in the next day or
two. Once this work is completed, Jim please let me know and I will walk
the trails again.
Also, while I was talking to Jim, he mentioned he is willing to help do
maintenance on the trails with the Rattling Creek Single Trackers, he would
just have to be notified in advance.
If any one has any comments or questions please contact me.
Nick Zulli

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