Monday, June 8, 2009

Trail Report - June 8, 2009

We have another trail god to thank. If you notice trees removed - thank Emory Ehrenfeld the next time you see him. He spent several hours on the Rattling Creek trails on Sunday not only riding, but clearing trees. Our club has some dedicated folks and Emory is one of them. The trails are still in pretty good shape with everything grown in now. I noticed a couple face slappers on Doc Smith and Rattling Creek that we'll have to get to, but all in all, even with all the rain, the trails were good to go with few wet/soggy spots. There are two really big trees down on Rattling Creek that we'll have to hike in with a chainsaw - but it appears some folks are getting over them with the chain ring marks on them. There's some serious gypsy moth feasting going on and its quite obvious on Rattling Creek and other areas where there's a concentration of oak trees. You can see chewed leaves on the trail and if its calm, you can hear them! No, I'm not kidding. They have voracious appetites and will clean a tree in a couple weeks. And I also noticed two deer INSIDE the Deer EXCLOSURE. Poor things. Rick said water could be a problem for them -- but I commented if they got in, they can get out. They're not so dumb.

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