Monday, February 20, 2012

A Shout-out to the Person Who Cleared Fawn Kill Trail

A huge THANKS to the person who chain-sawed the trees off Fawn Kill trail.  You are the best -- from all of us!


BigE said...

Hi Jill,

i think it was clayton and rob who did fawn kill. I've been cutting some trees of the trails every month since december. Most been branches that block trail and covered the one bridge after the 2 we put back on rattlecreek trail.

I was riding with the guys (dale rob and clayton) last sunday (3/18) and we were asking about who did doc smith trail with table top bridge and the notch tree ramp.

I did some work on the table top log ramp since I got my front wheel stuck in it. I did some filler, but need a shovel to get the dirt of the tree roots beside the obstacle. It needs some filler in the right side. I remember we use the tree root dirt to fill in holes and rocks which act like a molter.

We had alot of ticks out this weekend so use your deet and check your 4 leg friends. I won't ride up there until late spring now.


Anonymous said...

A group of six came up from Md and rode your Top notch trails! Great map and signage we were able to self guide ourselves around a great 21 mi loop. Kudos to the builders and maintainers for creating such an east coast gem. Looking forward to getting up there again!

Gregg Soster said...

A group of 12 riders from Central ohio are planning to visit Rattling Creek on September 22m 2013. Could we get a map and some good trail directions from some one?