Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trailwork Underway

The trail gods are hard at work and you may notice some brush cutting going on. Thank Steve Miller when you see him and I heard through the grapevine Zach Adams is planning to get weed wacking happy. Both men are prepping the trails for the Rattling Weekend coming up next weekend. Beyond the closeness of brush, the trails are in incredible shape -- dry, dry, dry. The woods could use some rain just like everywhere else. Still a couple logs here and there, but hey, why dumb down the trails? They are good jumping practice. So be aware, next weekend is the Rattling Weekend with a 25K trail run on Saturday, August 21 and a 25 or 50 mile mountain bike race on Sunday, August 22.


emory said...

Hi jill,

We got over 3 inches of rain this pass thursday so figure you all must got some of this rain.

Scott Corbin and I got up to WNYMBA july 30 - august 1st. They had soem good rain which kept the trails slick.

Hope the rain this week blows through ok for Mike's race to not be any impact on trails. Figure on a few trails may have running water.

Glad to hear zack cutting trails some. The perry county boys were up 2 weekend ago and said it was pretty grown up. Keven bergman club had a picnic for him last saturday (8-7-10) where i was talking with those guys when they gave me feedback about trails.


Chili said...

I sure wish someone would come forth and offer to take over trailwork Em. Until that happens, expect overgrown trails.

emory said...

The race should open the trails up wide after it goes through this weekend.

Zack race down michaex in july open up one of the old trails pretty good. i was trying to find the trail a month before the race and wasn't sure, but when he had the race it was quit open.

Sometime racers do some good to keep a trail from getting over grown.

i hear we're suppose to start working on a trail down michaux (over by big flat) in october. Not sure what all going to get done this winter, since we learn from raystown it takes a while for the paper work and studies.

That should give us MBM members some work to do over winter (new route to replace wildcat trail). They had timber cutting section in the area we making trail so it may be easy to cut in.