Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14 Trail Update - Post Snow Melt and Wind

Be prepared kids, the trails are clear of snow but by no means clear to ride. There's water running down the trails at spots, a ton of twigs, branches and trees (many you can't ride -- you have to get off), and you know the brush that makes the trails so tight? Well the snow laid it down at spots on the trails. So your rides the next couple weeks will be met with a lot of debris on the trails and a lot of dismounting. I'd suggest taking a pruner along on the ride and doing a little trail maintenance if you can. If anyone wants to borrow any of the club equipment (chainsaw, brush hog, etc), please let Rick or Keith know and you are welcome to organize a trail day. Not sure when we'll get at it... it may be quite a while. So please keep alert for tree fall.

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