Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trail Maintenance

We finally had a chance to start hiking trails to clear trees. Doc Smith had three trees, two of significant size that were not rideable and are now clear. The one tree had both Doc Smith AND Rattling Creek blocked. We'll keep plugging away on the trails as time permits. Don't worry, we won't "dumb down" the trails too much. We're using Jill's log-hopping skills as the gauge. If she can't get over it, it's going.


Howie, Kevin, and friends said...

Thanks guys!!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. I have to say I rode Sunday a.m. at 0700 and was very impresssed. The trails were in absolutely incredible shape, i cant remember stopping once for a tree across the trail! Awesome job..i did doc smith to fawn kill to preserve line to rattling creek back thru doc smith and it was really sweet. Thanks for all the hard work on keeping things clear.